Many financial services organisations share the familiar challenges of how to use data to better understand their customers, and undergo digital transformation.

With powerful multidimensional reporting tools, Xledger provides enhanced insight to analyse and drive project profitability, enabling your business to transform and scale. Our fully integrated timesheet, expense and invoice modules facilitate faster, accurate and transparent invoicing designed to help improve cash flow and decrease working capital requirements.

Our software provides everything you need for successful project management at your fingertips, without the need for add-ons or additional applications. We offer advanced native functionalities for project accounting, workflow, billing and invoicing, along with flexible integrations for common external applications.

Xledger helps professional services organisations increase cash flow, maximise profits and grow without limits.


Is your financial services organisation experiencing these challenges?

  • Lots of manual processing
  • Audits and year-end reports
  • Keeping up with changes to regulation, technology and global events

Real-time insight

Our software enables you to view your projects in real time for a 360° understanding of their profitability, with the ability to drill down and analyse the numbers at a transactional level. Get estimates for any project, at any stage, via our live dashboards configured to your requirements.

Automated processes

With our integrated document management system and automated workflow, Xledger removes the need for day-to-day transactional management, enabling you to spend less time on administration and more time planning and managing your projects.


We serve financial services industries with:

Xledger’s advanced multi-tenanted, true cloud software empowers your  organisation through automationinsight, and scalability. With a user-driven and consultative implementation process and no requirement for new IT infrastructure, grow your business without expanding your back office.