Legacy systems that haven’t evolved to meet changing workplace needs make it difficult for housing associations to be efficient, responsive and have control over their finances. This generates extra costs, with continued friction for the association. Future-proof your Housing Association with Xledger.

Xledger’s cloud-based finance software offers real time insight across your whole organisation’s financial position and puts live information into the hands of decision-makers, allowing them to manage budgets proactively and effectively. With the tools to drill down data from consolidation to individual level, Xledger lends you the confidence in the numbers so that you are always in control.

Our flexible, scalable, and automated solution empowers Associations to move away from disparate systems to gain one, live version of the truth.


Are you a Housing Association struggling with these challenges?

  • Lack of real time visibility impacting cost control
  • Outdated systems, manual processes, and workarounds
  • Bad data and reports resulting in multiple versions of the truth.

If so, there is another way! Future-proof your Housing Association with Xledger.

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Overview and control

Xledger’s cloud-based finance software meets the needs of large and complex Housing Associations by providing access to up-to-date overviews of consolidated financials, along with full details from every entity in your organisation. With live multidimensional reporting tools and role-based dashboards, managers ranging from project leads to board directors can compare actuals against budget, forecast to year-end and drill-down to source transactions for a 360° overview.


Xledger simplifies finance operations by automating and streamlining key processes, including invoicing and purchase-to-pay. With automated technology covering inbuilt OCR, machine learning and in-system payment approvals, our fully automated processes and workflows allow you to spend less time processing transactions and more time analysing them.

Flexible and scalable

Xledger equips Housing Associations of any size to add new entities with ease. Save time and avoid duplication of work when you add a new entity. Xledger automatically inherits the setup used by the rest of the group. And since the software is cloud-based, you can work seamlessly across the entire organisation from anywhere at any time, on any web-enabled device.


Xledger can be integrated with your Housing system in an intelligent way. Avoid bad data and get a full understanding of your data without using a different system. Integrating with Xledger means you get to have one version of the truth on all your reporting from budgeting on repairs to raising orders for internal and external contractors.


Xledger provides Housing Associations with:

  • Real-time insight with an instant overview of the entire organisation’s financial position
  • Better budgetary management and financial control
  • Scalability to support an acquisitive marketplace
  • Budget holder dashboards
  • Recurring billing
  • Tools to interrogate data from group level down to individual transactions
  • Integrated expenses modules with a mobile application
  • Flexible remote working.

Xledger’s advanced multi-tenanted, true cloud software empowers your Housing Association through automation, insight, and scalability. With a quick implementation process and no requirement for new IT infrastructure, our cost-effective solution will free up your time so you can focus on delivering the best services.

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