Xledger’s finance software helps arts and culture organisations like museums, theatres, and performing arts groups streamline their finances. Our true-cloud, multi-entity theatre and museum finance software streamlines and supports all arms of your business and ensures you have the ability to scale when the time is right.

Is your finance department facing these challenges?

  • Manual processes that are taking up valuable time
  • Restricted reporting capabilities across your organisation
  • Lack of integrations between your systems e.g. EPOS systems, ticketing systems, payroll and CRM systems.

Xledger supports arts and culture organisations like Roundhouse, South West Heritage Trust, and Sadlers Wells with:

Seamless Integrations

Arts and cultural businesses like theatres and museums rely on multiple systems that need to communicate effectively with each other, and particularly with your finance system, to ensure accurate overall numbers. For instance, does your ticketing platform seamlessly integrate with your finance software? 

Our true-cloud solution has an open API, so it can easily integrate with thousands of apps. On top of that, we also have the in-house expertise to support and guide our customers through their integration journeys.

Our museum and theatre finance software can integrate with popular platforms like Tessitura, Spektrix, and Tevalis

Powerful Automation

Xledger’s highly automated system enables arts and culture finance professionals to streamline manual tasks and eliminate human errors in standard financial processes like purchase-to-pay. By utilising OCR technology, using Xledger reduces the risk of costly data entry mistakes. 

This automation frees up the finance team, allowing them to focus more on value-added activities such as strategic analysis. Our software is one of the leading providers when it comes to automating financial processes, including:

  • Fixed assets
  • Automated payments 
  • Invoice processing
  • Expense processing
  • GL posting
  • Purchase to pay processes
  • BACS
  • Auto deferment of revenue and expenses
  • Xledger can even connect to your bank and reconcile your accounts.

Reliable Reporting

Xledger’s configurable role-based dashboards and real-time reporting capabilities provide arts and culture businesses with a clear view of their financials, so whether you need to drill down into data from your latest show or exhibition, Xledger can easily display your financials. 

Simplify your data with project accounting, allowing you to analyse project movements over any period to manage overheads and general costs effectively. Maximise the utility of your data, even when reporting on unusual periods, such as 4-4-5.  

Fund reporting

Take the stress out of complying with government regulation. Xledger has an inbuilt report writer that can be utilised to create fund reports such as SORP. Our finance solution allows charitable organisations to easily use fund accounting to facilitate donor management and reporting.

Xledger also provides you with:

  • Multi-entity – add new entities quickly and report from group level.
  • One, live version of the truth.
  • Accountancy trained consultants to support you along your finance transformation journey.
  • Consolidated reports in seconds rather than weeks.
  • User friendly expenses.
  • Access to financial data from anywhere on any device – all you need is an internet connection.
  • MTD compliant (Making Tax Digital).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fund reporting, and how can Xledger help with it?

Fund reporting involves creating detailed reports for charitable organisations to comply with government regulations and manage donor funds. Xledger has an inbuilt report writer that can create fund reports such as SORP. Our finance solution makes it easy for charitable organisations to use fund accounting for donor management and reporting.

How can Xledger’s finance software benefit arts and culture organisations?

Xledger’s finance software can benefit arts and culture organisations by automating manual tasks, providing real-time financial data, and integrating seamlessly with other systems such as EPOS, ticketing, payroll, and CRM systems. This ensures accurate financial reporting and frees up your finance team to focus on strategic activities.