Deepen your markets and expand into new ones.  You will never outgrow Xledger, it is completely scalable.  It can rise and fall in scope to respond to your needs.

Our inheritance principle populates each new business unit with the parameter of those above it. This principle means Xledger is fast and efficient as well as scalable.  We support most currencies in over 22 languages. Xledger works with global organisations as diverse as pediatric networks (CURE International) and weather forecasting services (StormGeo).

Our multi-tenant cloud lets you add new business units with ease. Expand to any size and cross any border—Xledger will scale to meet your ambitions.

  • Implement quickly and smoothly on the market’s most scalable ERP solution
  • Create new business units with ease
  • Setup once at the enterprise level—with Xledger’s inheritance principle, your settings will automatically inherit downward.
  • Xledger configures to your dimensions rather than customizing at your cost
  • Move between entities and levels of your enterprise with one login
  • Never hesitate to cross borders
  • Transact in 23 languages and most international currencies
  • Experience the market’s most powerful BI toolset for global enterprises
  • Receive updates on a seamless, quarterly, and complimentary basis
  • Maximize efficiency through economies of scale in Xledger’s multi-tenant cloud solution