Understanding donation management

Charities, non-profits and other membership organisations that regularly receive donations or membership fees are likely to receive them from different sources. These are often paid by cash, cheque, bank transfer, or through a donation platform. But the management and tracking of the source of these payments can be a very time-consuming process for finance teams. Donation management presents several problems to finance teams and the wider organisation with several different platforms to check, multiple finance processes to follow, and time-consuming reconciliations in the finance system.

  • Are your staff spending vast amounts of time on repetitive tasks such as extracting, manipulating, posting and reviewing transactions in the accounting system?
  • Are your senior finance users and stakeholders losing important visibility over the finances because they’re using more than one system?

How Xledger manages donations in one place

Xledger is a more comprehensive platform that meets a wide range of needs and keeps all of your data in one convenient location.

We alleviate these issues through our membership and donation management capabilities. Save many hours of staff time and ensure absolute completeness of data with our powerful integration tools. Our integration methods allow you to interface with payment platforms such as Stripe or direct to your bank CRM systems such as Salesforce, so you can consolidate funds from many different sources and automate the entry into the accounting system.

Furthermore, our donor, donation deposit and membership income registers makes it possible to standardise the information captured from across all the sources of funds. Key information about donors, payment methods, fund managers, and reporting dimensions can be allocated and tracked throughout the system. This gives users across your organisation a single source of the truth, with live information available at your fingertips to make powerful analysis of your income and drive quick and confident decision-making.

Our donation management will help you:

  • Get one central source of the truth with all member and donor information accessible in one place
  • Unify your donation and memberships with our core accounting
  • Understand and get a comprehensive analysis of your data with our market-leading insight tools, including configurable reporting, tailored dashboards, and multi-dimensional enquiry screens. Filter, sort, report, and export by dimensions including fund, donation type, payment method, project, and budget
  • Consolidate your data with powerful integration tools to automatically handle income from multiple platforms
  • Reduce manual admin tasks using our integrated bank statements with automatic posting and automated reconciliation
  • Track multiple dimensions of donor, member, volunteer, employee, and more.