Any organisation that automates and integrates its expense management processes can capture spending from its employees, plan and make spending decisions based on accurate data, reimburse employee expenses more quickly, and simplify the expense claim process for everyone.

Are you looking to reduce the tiresome task of your finance team chasing expense claims?
Do you want to simplify your company expense claim process and make life easier for employees who incur expenses?


Expense management made easy

Xledger automates and improves your expense claim process. Employees can capture and submit expenses within minutes, and employers can save time, mitigate risks and improve compliance.


  • Capture expenses and attach receipts, anywhere at any time using the Xledger mobile app
  • Snap a photo of a receipt and save it for later
  • Automatically categorise images of expenses and auto-populate key information
  • Automatically consolidate individual expense receipts into regular expense claims
  • Calculate mileages with custom routes and multiple destinations with our Google maps integration
  • Use business rules to allocate submitted expenses to the corresponding cost category, department, and/or other dimensions
  • Enjoy a simple and efficient reimbursement process that includes automatic posting to the organisation’s books
  • Create templates or rules for easy handling of repetitive expenses
  • Track an expense claim from creation to payment and review all open and historical expenses


  • View and route expense approvals through paperless workflows
  • Approve expenses anywhere at any time from any device with a web browser or using the Xledger mobile app
  • Link expense categories to GL accounts
  • Use business rules to apportion VAT rules as needed
  • Create expense templates for recurring expenses
  • Automatically reimburse employees in as little as 72 hours from the date of claim


How Xledger automates and improves your workflows

Employees can capture expense receipts on the go

Employees can take a photo of their expense receipts and submit claims on the go using our mobile app. Our OCR technology scans key information, categorises the expense and autofills their claim details, ensuring accurate information is submitted with minimal effort. All done within one click, this reduces errors and saves you from time-consuming manual processes.

Enjoy better travel reporting with Google Maps integration

Integration with Google Maps makes mileage claims simple – enter start and finish destinations, or define custom routes with multiple waypoints, and let the system calculate the distance for you. Business rules can be further added to automatically adjust re-imbursement rates for different vehicles, number of passengers, number of miles travelled, and more.

In-built per diem expense functionality further simplifies daily allowances. Handle travel, meal, hotel, and overnight allowances with ease, all in line with your own expense policies.

Xledger mobile app

Available on Android and iOS, our mobile app provides both employees and managers with intuitive functionality. Employees can manage their schedules and timesheets. They can enter expenses remotely and scan receipts directly into Xledger. Managers can review invoices and bills. They can either issue approval or request changes.

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