Transform your Accounts receivable / Accounts payable processes with Xledger’s true cloud finance software

Xledger empowers you to master the accounting cycle with advanced cloud accounts receivable and accounts payable software. Evolve your billing and payment processes. Our unified solution gives you the tools to recover time and save resources throughout your finance team.

We provide you with highly automated AR/AP capabilities in a unified financial management system. Nurture your relationships with debtors and creditors alike by transforming processes on both sides of your organisation’s accounts. Xledger provides full or partial automation for accounts receivable (including cash flow monitoring, invoice templating and delivery, rules for recurring billing, and more) and accounts payable (data entry, approval, posting, SafePay (AI), payment scheduling and matching, and more).

A new way to automate core accounting

Redefine your payment approval workflow with anytime-anywhere access to Xledger’s true-cloud solution and mobile app. We equip you with flexible payment options and SafePay validation for all transactions. Using our robust BI toolkit, you can turn AR/AP data into actionable intelligence. Manage your entire inquiry process in one flex screen, from drill-down and drill-through to heat maps and lightning-fast database queries.

Our cloud accounting software will free your finance team to build strategic value. As well as automating tedious billing and payment processes, Xledger reduces the strain on staff, enabling users across departments to work more efficiently and advance your organisation’s mission.

Xledger transforms your Accounts receivable / Accounts payable processes with:

  • Automation of data entry through OCR bill recognition and pre-registration
  • Multi-rule/person/level posting and payment approval workflow
  • Intuitive Smart Helps offers automated posting suggestions for each item
  • Flexible disbursement options include checks, wire transfers, and electronic ACH payments
  • Allocation rules for use at period end or at time of transaction entry
  • Automated accruals/deferrals across periods and fiscal years
  • Automated payment scheduling and matching
  • Automated reconciliation and SafePay validation of transactions
  • Recurring billing
  • Invoice templates, rules, and delivery options
  • Inclusion of supporting documentation with invoices
  • Automated calculation of commissions, royalties, discounts, and interest charges
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