Know your current cash status

The status of cash position is one of the most vital pieces of information to businesses of all sizes and over half of all bankruptcies are due to a lack of understanding of liquidity. Yet finding out the amount of cash on hand at any given moment is often difficult to obtain. This is especially true for distributed organisations.

Xledger gives you advanced tools to manage your bank accounts, payments, deposits, and cash flow. Get instant insight into your cash position with tailored dashboards. Save time and resources with features including automated bank reconciliation and hands-free invoice creation.

No need for online banking

Xledger equips you with real-time data to analyse your current cash position and forecast future cashflow. You can view and process all bank transactions from within Xledger: payment authorisation and approval, automated import of statement data, automated bank reconciliation, and automated posting.

  • Bank dashboard
  • Up to date bank account balances
  • Cashflow overview, including multi-currency
  • Cashflow forecast, including unapproved invoices

Automated accounting processes

Xledger makes your work day easier. The following is just a sample of the business processes we automate:

  • Automatic payment processing
  • Automatic posting of transactions from the bank statement
  • Automatic daily bank reconciliation
  • Automatic posting suggestions
  • Automatic invoice creation and distribution
  • And many more
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