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vXledger Global

5 challenges of expansion and how to solve them

Perhaps you have faced this scenario, or perhaps you will at some point. But every organization should consider—at least once—what going global would look like.

International expansion is need-based. The goal is business in another country, not the process of building it.

Xledger and Quickbooks

3 Things to Know about Quickbooks and your Growth Stages

Amid recent crises, several categories of customers have reconsidered their Quickbooks software. Companies from growing businesses to tech startups must encounter a simple question. Should they postpone the search until after they reach their limit? Or should they prioritize the search before seeking funding?

Xledger Insight

Why financial insight requires awareness of both tools and users

When we talk about business intelligence, we think of analytic tools, techniques for knowledge workers. But those knowledge workers have become a valuable commodity, and few organizations can afford them (or enough of them).

Xledger and HHRD Time Savings

How did HHRD save 80 hours in accounting labor per month?

HHRD claims to have saved 80 hours of financial time every month. Is this a fluke—or the leading edge of something else? A survey of three companies.

Is your charity’s finance software still fit for purpose?

Is your nonprofit’s finance software still fit for its purpose?

If you’re questioning whether your charity’s finance software is still fit for purpose, it’s a good idea to start in two places. Firstly, establish when it was that you bought your current finance system. Secondly, consider how much your company and the world around you has changed since.