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Financial Reporting

6 Primary Objectives of Financial Reporting

When spending precious time and resources on financial reporting, you want to be sure you’re fulfilling its primary objectives. After all, thoroughly examining financial reporting objectives is pivotal to better understanding the full scope and importance of detailed and precise reports. 

AI in Finance

AI In Finance: What CFOs Are Saying

Deloitte recently published its third-quarter 2023 North American CFO Signals Survey, and a significant portion of the survey pertains to the use of AI in finance. 

Among the many insights the survey offers, many CFOs express interest in the applications and merits of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI). About 42% of these CFOs have already experimented with the technology, but certain reservations and obstacles against embracing and implementing it remain.

Cloud ERP Software

Cloud ERP Software: Top Solutions & Benefits

If you decide to move your business to a new cloud ERP software or adopt this option for the first time, understanding precisely what it brings to the table is a crucial first step. Without knowing what benefits to expect, you may miss the opportunity to improve your business operations and gain a competitive advantage.

project accounting principles

Project Accounting Principles, Processes, and Solutions

Project accounting is a unique type of accounting that drills down into the financial details of individual projects. Unlike traditional accounting methodologies, which monitor financial outcomes at a broader company level, project accounting zeroes in on the specific revenues, expenses, and profitability of individual projects. 

Inventory Turnover Ratio

Inventory Turnover Ratio: Everything You Need to Know

Businesses that don’t understand accounting are destined to fail. That’s especially true for those who carry an inventory. Mismanaging inventory and cash flow are two sides of the same coin. Keeping a poor inventory could lead to issues with your business liquidity, like tying up excess capital to inventory or missing out on sales opportunities due to stockouts.