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Xledger Software

7 Ways Xledger’s latest release reimagines your finance department

In the age of remote work, finance teams have had to master the arts of the remote close and the virtual audit. Employees have had to reckon with digital fatigue, increased cyber threats, and a rapid pace of economic change.

Accounting Software Implementation

Three Criteria for a Successful Cloud Finance Implementation

4 MIN. – Implementation often separates success from failure in nonprofit ERP. How to choose the right process, product, and partner for a smooth rollout.

Cloud Software Integration

The Truth about Integrations and the Unified Cloud

If you want to build an agile business, you need a flexible finance system. What you need to know about interoperability in the cloud.

Business after COVID Xledger

5 Ways finance can drive growth in the post-Covid economy

Driving Business Growth after COVID

The pandemic catapulted organizations years forward in digital transformation. How finance can help you sustain growth in the world after.

ISO 27001

What ISO 27001 Certification Means for Your Data Security

In 2021, executives can no longer disregard data security. Cyberattacks have targeted organizations across sizes and sectors, from Fortune 5 companies to municipal governments. The criminals behind these attacks range from lone operators armed with pre-written scripts to nation-states wielding unlimited resources.