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Xledger and HHRD Time Savings

How did HHRD save 80 hours in accounting labor per month?

HHRD claims to have saved 80 hours of financial time every month. Is this a fluke—or the leading edge of something else? A survey of three companies.

Is your charity’s finance software still fit for purpose?

Is your nonprofit’s finance software still fit for its purpose?

If you’re questioning whether your charity’s finance software is still fit for purpose, it’s a good idea to start in two places. Firstly, establish when it was that you bought your current finance system. Secondly, consider how much your company and the world around you has changed since.

Xledger Software

How two metrics can help CFOs solve their insight challenges

CFOs want insight–but only 20% of data spending produces business value. How the time to a monthly close and the audit cycle can accelerate CFO D&A.

Xledger Eco-Friendly

Why Public Cloud Doesn’t Mean Eco-Friendly, and How You Can Find a Sustainable Finance Solution

Is it greenwashed or sustainable?

When Tesla founder Elon Musk decried Bitcoin for its environmental impacts, financial leaders took notice. One transaction of the cryptocurrency consumes more power than the average household does in a month. Total Bitcoin mining consumes more energy per year than the entire nation of Sweden.

Xledger US

Five Headlines from Xledger Post-Pandemic Event

On June 23rd, 2021, Xledger held an in-person event gathering CPAs and HR professionals from across the Pikes Peak region. Both CPAs and HR experts gained formal credit from their associations, and a range of speakers addressed urgent issues in these post-pandemic times. Members networked, split into break-off sessions and gathered for a panel discussion on various aspects of the pandemic and the world after.