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5 cost-saving innovations in Xledger’s latest release

Highlights from R3 of 2019. What’s new and improved in Xledger Cloud ERP

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The sunk cost fallacy could derail your ERP selection. Here’s how you can overcome it.

How knowing when to cut your losses could save your organization.

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Why you should consider support in your ERP selection

Most ERP providers skimp on support when they think they’ll get away with it. 5 scenarios to avoid, and why you should consider support in your search.

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31 questions you should ask potential ERP providers

The age of bully vendors is over, but ERP is still a risky purchase. What to ask when you audition candidates.

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Why Xledger Cloud ERP? Learn what sets us apart in this 2-minute video

Our competitors do their best. Here’s how we go farther.