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Xledger plans to conquer the UK mid-market

Cloud-based enterprise tool Xledger is aiming to take UK mid-market businesses by storm through the use of automated, flexible business software, but a tough task awaits them as competition hots up in the sector.

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How to make business travel smarter, not just safer

Security is just the start. Habits you didn’t know were costing you.

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Beyond best-of-breed: What’s next for your organization?

The all-star system: It’s great in theory. Practice is a different matter.

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5 cost-saving innovations in Xledger’s latest release

Highlights from R3 of 2019. What’s new and improved in Xledger Cloud ERP

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The sunk cost fallacy could derail your ERP selection. Here’s how you can overcome it.

How knowing when to cut your losses could save your organization.