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Why the accuracy of your data matters as a non-profit

As a non-profit, return on investment (ROI) and budgets are often watched closely. Because of this, investment in new technology like data analysis may not always be top priority. However, using data is critical for non-profits. Its use can have a huge impact on ROI, operational efficiency and marketing effectiveness – with significant knock-on effects on your bottom-line.

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3 financial needs shared by energy companies, and how to solve them

What could offshore rigs and solar consultants possibly have in common? More than you’d think. The needs that unite 3 very different organizations.

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How can cloud computing transform my business?

Cloud technology has completely transformed industries, evolving business computing from a rigid system to something much more scalable. Hand-in-hand with this growth is the demand for companies to become more flexible and adaptable due to global pressures, changing client needs and market volatility.

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Why you shouldn’t underestimate the role of your back office

The back office can often be overlooked in businesses, but it has a critical influence on the bottom line. Without a team of professionals working tirelessly in the background, your front-of-house will be unable to focus on generating and fulfilling business.


How to Avoid Speed Traps in Automation

3 MIN – Don’t automate like it’s 1999.