Outdated inventory management methods, including manual spreadsheets and periodic physical counts, are prone to error and require excess effort. With Xledger, you can handle the entire inventory process in one place, from component restocking and item tracking to dispatch and analysis.

Taking control of your inventory process is easy with Xledger’s inventory management platform, which offers a wide range of features that help you to efficiently track, manage, and optimize your inventory.

Evolve your inventory with Xledger

Xledger can also transform your inventory handling and replenishment. You can use one of multiple stock valuation options, including FIFO, LIFO, and Average Value. Our flexible product register provides control over accounting treatment and supporting documentation. Our cloud-based inventory management solution includes powerful capabilities for stocktaking, adjustments, transfers, returns, quarantine, and more. With automated replenishment and multi-dimensional item tracking, you need never suffer delays again.

Through all of this, you can redefine productivity. Xledger allows you to control and safeguard your approvals with automated digital workflows. Your authorized users can create, submit, and track their own purchase orders from any device or Xledger’s mobile app. Grow freely and go remote without fear, confident that your inventory workflows are secure on Xledger’s ISO 27001-certified cloud environment.

Features of Xledger’s Cloud-Based Inventory Management:

  • Multiple stock valuation methods
  • Multiple warehouses and locations/bins
  • Serial number, date, and batch (lot) tracking
  • Item analysis, such as size and color
  • Stocktaking, adjustments, transfers, issues, and write-offs
  • Returns, quarantine, and quality assurance
  • Automatic replenishment orders
  • Bill of materials


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