Along with the core functionalities of our cloud ERP solution, Xledger provides value through a range of additional capabilities and services. These include Xledger Mobile, document management, automated data entry, payment processing, and mail services, and advisory services (tax, payroll, and consulting).

Get Added Value Through:

Xledger Mobile

Xledger’s mobile ERP solution app puts market-leading automation in the palm of your hand. You and your staff can take the workflow on the go. Enjoy mobile expense entry and anytime-anywhere approvals. See our dedicated Mobile page for more info and a full list of mobile functionalities.

Document Management

Xledger enables you to reduce or eliminate paper storage with cloud document management. We accomplish this by capturing source documentation for all financial transactions, as well as for contracts, statements, employee documents, and more. Documents can be scanned, emailed, or dragged and dropped into Xledger. All documents are automatically classified into document types, with access restricted by role.

Automated Data Entry

Xledger automates data entry through our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality. The process begins when you enter an invoice into Xledger (by scan, email, or drag-and-drop). Xledger OCR will process the document, identifying key details, and auto-populating the corresponding fields. You can then click on any additional information in the digital invoice to make it appear in the Xledger journal entry.

Payment Processing and Mail Services

Customers can use Xledger while managing their own payment processing and distribution. However, as an add-on service, Xledger offers check printing and fully automated ACH and wire transfer services. We print and distribute invoices, receipts, statements, fundraising letters, and donor thank yous.

Advisory Services

For an additional cost, Xledger customers can benefit from the services of our veteran consultants. Our team of advisors can help you run payroll, prepare taxes, and develop new reports and workflows.

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