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The sunk cost fallacy could derail your financial software selection. Here’s how you can overcome it.

How knowing when to cut your losses could save your organization.


How to automate project accounting in 7 steps

3 MIN – Automate one stage in a project, and you’ll save time. But what happens if you automate every stage in the project lifecycle? One way to find out.

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Beyond best-of-breed: What’s next for your organization?

The all-star system: It’s great in theory. Practice is a different matter.

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How to make business travel smarter, not just safer

Security is just the start. Habits you didn’t know were costing you.

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Why you should consider support in your financial software selection

Most ERP providers skimp on support when they think they’ll get away with it. 5 scenarios to avoid, and why you should consider support in your search.