Intercompany transactions can be difficult to track, which is why Xledger makes it easy to manage and view them.

Save time with Xledger’s automation

With Xledger, users can easily record intercompany transactions and generate reports to view the impact on the financials of both the sending and receiving entities. This allows for accurate and efficient management of your transactions and ensures that financial data is kept up-to-date across all entities.

Upgrade your efficiency with our intercompany transactions software

Whether your are transferring goods, services, loans, or investments between your companies, Xledger empowers you to automate your transactions. With the option to automate intercompany billing, reconciling, and currency conversion, you can manage your entire consolidated business in one place, even if it spans across countries.

Comprehensive and easily configurable dashboards allow you to get a clear view of your consolidated company and your individual entities. When combined with our advanced reporting and analytics, you will be able to see your company’s financial situation clearer than ever.

Features of Xledger’s Cloud Intercompany Transactions Software

  • Automated intercompany billing and invoicing
  • Currency conversion for multi-country companies
  • Consolidation made easy through our hierarchy system
  • Option to automatically reconcile intercompany payables and receivables
  • Advanced reporting and analytics