Today, churches and faith-based organizations must navigate challenges both traditional and unprecedented. Church and faith-based leaders must carefully steward resources while proving their wholehearted devotion to the mission. They have to manage shifting donations and navigate complex regulations to survive in the present while somehow planning for an uncertain future.

Looking past high prices or second-best functionality

Executives at churches and faith-based organizations face increasing demands for insight and efficiency, demands that few nonprofit management systems can answer. You often have to make do with outdated software, forcing insight together by spending hours on spreadsheets. For you, this may seem normal. Almost never do these systems provide the analytic tools, financial automation, or advanced nonprofit functionality necessary to prosper in the modern world.

Xledger equips leaders with another option. We provide a way to see beyond your limits with the market’s most automated finance software. Join organizations like SIM, OM, CURE International, and Traders Point Church in finding the insight and efficiency you need to continue your mission.

Drastically alter your financial closes with Xledger

We provide robust true cloud finance software for churches and faith-based organizations. Xledger combines the most automated accounting software with nonprofit-specific functionality. Prioritize your mission with automation that free finance staff from up to 75% of manual processes, releasing them to invest in your strategic planning. Helping Hands for Relief and Development, a nonprofit working in 82 countries, reported that Xledger brought its monthly accounting process down 80 hours.

The most powerful way to enhance insight

Xledger unites fund accounting and donor management into one solution. Equip your leaders with powerful business intelligence tools and real-time data. See deeper into your finances and further into your future. Drill down to the source document or through multiple screens for a 360° understanding of any dataset. Xledger provides wide scalability, enabling the leaders of multi-campus churches and globally distributed nonprofits to manage their current ministries and grow with ease.

Xledger enhances your cloud workflow and cybersecurity

Go paperless and remote with confidence on Xledger. Your staff can work from anywhere at any time on Xledger’s true cloud environment, certified cybersecurity by UKAS, the world’s leading accreditation body. Users ranging from board members to associate pastors can see the information they need in tailored dashboards. Maintain accountability with Xledger’s always-on audit trail while replacing massive Excel spreadsheets with multi-purpose flex screens. Xledger handles the full range of fund types and restrictions.

Cloud finance software for churches and faith-based organizations that

  • Saves weeks in time generating reports for donors or the board
  • Frees finance teams to focus on your mission
  • Enables you to save costs while improving program outcomes
  • Makes decisions and budgets with greater confidence and in a fraction of the time
  • Empowers managers and decision-makers with a single version of the truth
  • Implements swiftly and simply
  • Manages a distributed network and create new ministries with ease
  • Enables you to track and manage funds with unprecedented speed and precision
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