Sage Intacct and Xledger are two accounting and finance software solutions designed to streamline financial management processes, but there are key differences between them. While both aim at making a business more efficient, Xledger offers key advantages that make it an ideal solution for organizations seeking a more comprehensive and customer-focused solution.

Capabilities of Sage Intacct vs. Xledger

Both Sage Intacct and Xledger cover your basic financial needs, including purchase orders, accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation, and financial reporting.

Other capabilities, including project accounting, multi-currency, inventory management, and budgeting are included in Xledger without any additional costs. However, Sage Intacct includes these capabilities in modules. These extra modules require their own licensing fees, which can become expensive.

While Sage Intacct meets the minimum requirement of a finance accounting software, Xledger matches it at every step. Even more, Xledger focuses on the customer by not gatekeeping important and useful features behind additional licensing fees.

Xledger’s Key Differentiators

Xledger several key capabilities that Sage Intacct lacks.  Xledger, at no additional licensing fee,  offers multi-language capabilities, next generation Optical Character Recognition (OCR), transparent and simplified pricing, service and support by experts, in-house implementation, and no multi-year contracts.

One of Xledger’s standout features is its multi-language capability. This allows businesses to grow internationally, seamlessly managing their finances and accounting in multiple languages. This feature is especially important for multinational organizations. In contrast, Sage Intacct only provides English as a language.

Xledger also has superior OCR capabilities, which enhance its ability to capture and process financial documents. It simplifies the process for its users, improves the accuracy of input data, and speeds up financial workflows. While both Xledger and Sage Intacct provide OCR, Xledger’s capabilities are more advanced.

Transparent and simplified pricing is another important feature of Xledger. With clear and straightforward pricing models, customers can ensure that they are getting exactly what they want for the price they need. It allows potential buyers to make informed decisions when deciding which enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to implement. In comparison, Sage Intacct’s modular pricing structure makes it difficult for buyers to move forward with clarity.

Guaranteed expert, in-house customer support is another key differentiator between Xledger and Sage Intacct. All of Xledger’s customer support team are not only experts in Xledger, but also finances and accounting. This ensures that customers receive prompt assistance and guidance whenever they send in a ticket, which contributes to a smooth ongoing usage experience. Because Sage Intacct utilizes third-party support, there is no guarantee that support will be suitably experienced in both finances and the product.

Xledger also offers in-house implementation, which keeps the implementation process quick and efficient. It also allows the process to be personalized and tailored to the business. By comparison, Sage Intacct often hires third-party implementation teams, which can lead to communication difficulties and data silos.

One of the most appealing aspects of Xledger is the flexible contract terms that do not lock customers into long service commitments. Xledger continually earns your business with an exemplary solution and customer experience. In contrast, Sage Intacct’s contract terms frequently require multi-year commitments that lock a business into their product.



Sage Intacct vs. Xledger: Which is better?

While both Sage Intacct and Xledger offer finance and accounting software solutions, Xledger distinguishes itself. By providing more features that put the customer first, Xledger is an appealing choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive, adaptable financial management solution that scales and grows with them.

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