Get the help you need with our customer support

At Xledger, we believe in empowering our customers, which is why we provide unparalleled support and consultancy. Both new and old customers will be able to see how our support is uniquely beneficial to them.

Xledger focuses on having a support team that is specially knowledgeable about finances, accounting, and the Xledger solution. We are proud to provide you with support from experienced professionals. This enables us to provide in-depth support and guidance to you so you can achieve your business goals with ease.

Beyond our support’s experience, Xledger assigns a dedicated account manager to each customer. The account manager is responsible for understanding your business and ensuring that you get the most out of Xledger’s features.

Support and consultancy for your needs

Xledger is committed to continuously improving our product and support services. We regularly release new features and updates to the system and actively seek feedback from our customers to ensure that we are meeting their needs. We also provide comprehensive training to our customers, both during the implementation phase and throughout the customer’s use of the system. This ensures that customers have a deep understanding of the system’s capabilities and how to use it to its fullest potential.

Overall, Xledger’s unparalleled support is a key reason why many businesses choose to use our composable, true cloud ERP system. Our commitment to personalized support, comprehensive training, continuous improvement, and expertise sets us apart from other ERP providers, and ensures that our customers receive the best possible support for their business.

Features of Xledger’s support and consultancy

  • Consultants with financial expertise
  • Support videos and help files within Xledger
  • Quarterly upgrades with supported documentation
  • First-class support response and resolution times
  • Live webinar sessions after each release
  • Consultant-led webinars throughout the year
  • Hypercare priority support for new customers
  • Zendesk support portal

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