Colorado Springs, October 18, 2023 – Xledger Inc., a leading global provider of cloud-based Accounting and Financial Management Software, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Mr. Allan Lamar as its new Chief Executive Officer. Following an extensive and rigorous search process, Mr. Lamar will succeed Mr. Nathan McCann, who decided to step down to focus on his sons’ businesses. Mr. Lamar is set to take the reins in November 2023.

With a wealth of experience as a seasoned executive in the industry, Mr. Lamar brings a successful track record of leadership within enterprise SaaS companies, boasting operations throughout the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world. His appointment signifies a significant milestone for Xledger US, as the company aims to match the boundless success of its European colleagues.

Xledger selected Mr. Lamar for his extensive experience and his assertive and strategic leadership style, which has consistently driven revenue and profitability growth. Furthermore, his alignment with the company’s organizational culture and core values made him the ideal candidate for this pivotal role.

Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Jarle Sky, Group CEO, expressed his confidence in Mr. Lamar’s abilities, stating, “Lamar has the experience and expertise that will significantly contribute to our organization’s continued growth and success. He is inquisitive, and his management approach will benefit the whole organization.”

Mr. Lamar, the newly appointed CEO, is enthusiastic about taking on this role, stating, “I am delighted to join the Xledger organization. The combination of product excellence, a passionate and incredible team, and their culture of driving customer value excites me. This makes my confidence in our ability to grow the company’s US operations to new heights absolute. I look forward to being part of this next successful chapter of Xledger’s story.”

As Mr. Lamar becomes a part of Xledger’s global Group Management, he receives a warm welcome from his CEO colleagues across the Atlantic. “We are thrilled to have Mr. L join our global family of CEOs. His appointment signifies a new era of collaboration and innovation. Together, we look forward to setting new benchmarks in the industry,” they stated.

Xledger Inc. eagerly anticipates the positive impact of Mr. Lamar’s leadership as it looks forward to achieving new heights of success and delivering unparalleled value to its customers worldwide.