Xledger proudly supports Bristol Bears Women, standing up for female empowerment in sport. With over half its workforce being women, a unique stat for the tech sector, Xledger not only brings cutting-edge tech but also opens doors for women to grow in their careers.

For International Women’s Day, Xledger teamed up with Amber Reed, Jenny Hesketh and Meg Varley to empower, inspire, and celebrate women. The Bristol Bears women’s players engage in a discussion about their journeys so far. We dig into their sports journeys, the support they had to get to this point, what keeps them going, and how they made it here. 

By teaming up with Bristol Bears Women, Xledger isn’t just sponsoring – it’s showing a strong commitment to empowering women through sport, creating a place where women can shine, both on and off the field. Xledger and Bristol Bears Women share a vision for strength and inclusion that’s at the heart of both their organisations. 

Watch the video to find out their stories: