When running and growing a care business, the focus should be about creating more time to care for residents. In the current climate, where staffing is a big challenge, funding is even more crucial than ever to balance rising costs, technology plays a defining role in ensuring that the care homes are equipped to stay on top of their ambitions and invest in the future.

The team at Xledger UK, cloud-based finance solution has been speaking to Em Dean, Head of Operations at Principle Care Homes about her view on the role that tech plays in the sector and the power of integrated systems across the business.


Real-time data and effective reporting

Em Dean, Head of Operations at Principle Care Homes said “We find that working with out-of-date information, whether due to delay in data reporting or technical restraints, creates difficulty when trying to gather reports and can mean you are always working on recouping rather than being proactive”.

Whether your business uses a care management system, has separate time and attendance software to keep track of your carer’s shifts or an independent HR management system to help sync all your employee data – being able to access and trust real-time data is essential to seamless reporting.

System integrations are easier and quicker than ever

In tech, integrations are like bridges between two pieces of software that allow them to talk to each other and share information. By having integrations in place, making sense of your care home’s data needn’t be a time consuming or manual task for you or your team.

Having an integrated tech stack where your care management system, finance system and other core systems seamlessly share data to provide you with the insights you need, not only reduces the risk of errors but also frees up time from your teams which can be spent elsewhere.

Em Dean says “Having an integrated back-office operation means slicker and quicker reporting, it reduces the risk of duplicating entries and reports not pulling through accurate data.”

Software providers can also easily share their code through having an open API. This allows businesses to connect and data to be transferred seamlessly. Those who do not have an open API could make it more difficult for systems to connect.

Best-of-breed technology to support scalability

The evolution of system integration technology means that businesses don’t have to compromise on the systems they use. Choosing the tech that supports business’ ambition is now much easier – best-of-breed systems with high level of automation can bring lots of business value together.

Em continues to discuss that “the future of care and tech is incredibly exciting, the ability to integrate systems to make capturing of data easier and more thorough whilst also the introduction of AI enhancing overall service delivery can propel the sector”.

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