Corporate sustainability is high on our agenda at Xledger – we want to make sure we’re creating a healthy and sustainable workplace for everyone who works here. That means our Bristol office is filled with plants, we look to recycling as our first choice for waste disposal, and we encourage our team to commute in planet-friendly ways.

Carbon Zero Office

Our Bristol office serves as the heart of our UK operations, which is why we have focused on creating an oasis of greenery in and around our desks. Now considered carbon-zero, the office itself has over 260 plants, each one carefully chosen for both its aesthetic appeal and for its ability to purify the air and improve the well-being of our employees.

These plants are integral to our commitment to sustainability. By harnessing the power of nature within our workspace, we’ve created an environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and holistic wellness. Our plants are a reminder of our dedication to minimising our environmental footprint and cultivating a healthier planet for all.

Electric Car Scheme

At Xledger, we believe that sustainability starts with every journey. That’s why we’re proud to offer our employees an electric car scheme that empowers them to embrace cleaner, greener commuting practices. By incentivising the adoption of electric vehicles, we’re not only reducing emissions but also driving positive change in our local communities.

Through our electric car scheme, employees have access to a range of benefits and support, making the transition to electric transportation seamless and rewarding. From charging infrastructure to financial incentives, we’re committed to making sustainable commuting an accessible and attractive option for all employees at Xledger.

Recycling Measures

We have also implemented a range of recycling measures to make sure every material – paper, plastic, and electronic – is properly recycled. That means we’re sending less to landfill, and reusing wherever possible.

A Sustainable Future

Our sustainability goals serve as a roadmap, guiding us to a greener, more resilient future where every action we take leaves a positive impact on the planet. We know we’re not at the end of this journey yet, and there’s always more to do. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for areas of improvement, innovation, and collaboration, working with our employees and partners to achieve our sustainability goals and drive positive change.