Our sustainable product

We aim to build a lifelong, sustainable, and responsible business. Our product enables organisations to manage their finances electronically and on-the-go, removing the substantial amount of paper traditionally required within finance departments while supporting the wider organisation to achieve paperless working.

To further this, because our software operates in the cloud, the hardware exists and operates from one single data source. This means less energy use, fewer greenhouse gasses and dematerialisation, allowing our customers to decrease their energy consumption, cut their carbon footprint, and shift to a greener future. At Xledger, we’re passionate about the role of digital transformation for the environment and are proud to be driving more sustainable futures for workplaces around the world.

Reducing waste in the office

We encourage our staff to be eco-friendly, so provide everyone with an eco-friendly kit that contains a travel mug, a metal water bottle, and a metal hot drinks flask to everyone. We also look to find the most eco-friendly materials for all our marketing merchandise and take recycling seriously in our office, including participating in a printer cartridge recycling scheme.

Ethical recycling

When recycling old office equipment, we use ethical companies who repurpose electrical equipment where possible and redistribute it to charities, other organisations and families that are unable to afford equipment singlehandedly.

Environmentally friendly access to work

We encourage our staff to walk or cycle to work and we actively promote our Bike2Work scheme, with bike storage and shower facilities available at our office.