Xledger cloud-based financial software lets you take control of your lettings portfolio, giving financial oversight of your entire organisation with live consolidation.

Because Xledger is a cloud solution, finance teams are able to access critical information from anywhere via a secure web browser. You can even use a tablet or your mobile when you’re on the move!

Take real-time financial control of your property portfolio with Xledger. Examine income and costs in real-time to see which properties are profitable and which are not.

With real-time insights and instant reporting via the cloud Xledger helps you rapidly model financial scenarios so you can make confident business decisions quickly.

Together with real-time reporting, Xledger also automates core accounting processes, so your finance team can spend more time focusing on the things that matter and less on repetitive tasks.

Xledger. Designed by accountants, tested by accountants and used by accountants every day to make more informed financial decisions.

Request a twenty-minute Xledger demo and discover:


  • Multidimensional Reporting (Cost Centre, Project, 3 Custom Dimensions)
  • Flexible Analysis tools with the ability to Slice and Dice information in multiple ways.
  • Review information in Data tables Pivot Tables, Charts, Subtotals
  • Options for publishing, downloading and sharing reports

Purchase to pay:

  • Automated OCR & Invoice Coding
  • Automated invoice approval
  • In system payments
  • Automated bank statement imports
  • Automated bank reconciliation
  • Bank Rules
  • Automated Supplier statements
  • Inbuilt document management system

Discover first-hand the power of Xledger financial software for your property business

Xledger consultants are qualified accountants, so you can be confident they will understand your business challenges.

  • Access real-time reporting from anywhere in the world
  • Multidimensional reporting
  • End to end expanses billing
  • WIP reporting and timesheets for instant visibility of profitability
  • Automated debtor account management and reconciliation