Recent events have forced employees to work off-premise, but decision-makers of mid-market organisations still require immediate access to accurate real time financial reports.

With Xledger cloud-based finance software, reports are available instantly, meaning you can rapidly model financial scenarios and make decisions based on real time insights.

As well as real time reporting, Xledger automates core processes so your finance team can spend more time focusing on the things that matter.

Xledger is designed by accountants, tested by accountants and used by accountants to make financial decisions every day.


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Learn how Xledger’s powerful reporting tools, customised dashboards and Business Intelligence tools, drive insight and facilitate proactive decision making.

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See how Xledger can free up time for your finance team by automating manual processes. Highlights include Optical Character Recognition (OCR), machine learning and in-systems payments.

Discover first-hand the power of Xledger financial software for mid-market organisations.

Xledger’s consultants are also qualified accountants, so you can be confident they understand your business challenges.