Xledger is a cloud-based financial software that leverages the power of automation to deliver services for SMEs that are outgrowing their existing accounting software. Most outsourcing accountancy firms use low-end finance systems for their clients. This software is typically basic, easy to use and aimed at smaller organisations such as start-ups and sole traders. Low-end financial software may be the right solution for some customers, but as a client grows, they will need to move to a more sophisticated solution to ensure they have visibility and control. By utilising modern technology, Xledger has advanced functionalities designed to meet the needs of your clients as they grow, at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise systems. With live reporting, automation, and bank payment integrations, we allow your clients to maintain visibility and control, while continuing to leverage the benefits of outsourcing non-core accounting functions. With Xledger cloud-based financial software, your team can deliver improved accounting services to more customers without compromising on quality.

The benefits of Xledger cloud-based financial software

  • Xledger provides market-leading automation that removes manual back-office processes, allowing your team to spend more time on higher value-added activities
  • Our partners can achieve higher profit margins by providing services to larger, less price-sensitive customers
  • Enhanced analytical tools provide your clients with access to real-time, multi-dimensional insights, directly from their finance system
  • With Xledger, the same configuration can be utilised across multiple entities and clients, substantially reducing onboarding and maintenance costs
  • As a 'true cloud' financial software, your team can access information at any time, anywhere.

The Xledger business model

At Xledger, we pride ourselves on the personal and dedicated service we offer to help our partners grow. Our partner programme includes marketing collateral, training, presales and technical support, together with a dedicated account manager. Use our software to serve a different category of customer and achieve higher profit margins.

What next?

Let us show you a demo of Xledger cloud-based financial software so you can see for yourself how we can help you to grow your firm, improve revenues and service more clients.