We won the “Best Place to Work” award at the BristolLive Business Awards 2021, only a few months after winning “UK’s Best Workplaces™ in Tech 2021” & “Employer of year award”.

We are honoured to have received these awards, but even more so that we have been successful in creating a positive and inclusive environment in which employees feel supported, valued, and rewarded for their hard work.


Here’s what our employees say about us:

  • “The best thing about working at Xledger is the people, who are highly capable but also great fun to work with.” Graham Lawson, Partner and Channel Manager.
  • “As a manager, the Xledger workplace affords me a the luxury of counting the smiles worn by my team members no matter what the time of day. This is achieved through promoting a culture that recognises the work-life balance of the individual team members , something really quite rare in a fast paced growing business.” John Worthington, Consulting Manager.
  • It’s a pleasure to work with such a dynamic team of people. The Xledger culture provides a well balanced work, social, and home life, which makes it very special and unique.Sam Travers, Consultant.

Xledger was launched in 2006 to help organisations digitise, streamline, and bring automated solutions to their finances. Since then, we’ve grown significantly both in the UK and abroad and are now one of Bristol’s fastest growing businesses. As the company’s workforce has grown, the team has made building a strong and positive workplace culture a top priority.

BristolLive Business Awards recognise outstanding achievements of businesses from across Bristol’s various industries, as well as their positive impact on the business community. Learn more here: https://www.business-live.co.uk/enterprise/winners-bristollive-business-awards-2021/