Meet the team

After two successful years with 100% customer retention in a row, we are delighted to announce that we have expanded our customer success management team to support our continued growth and maintain our high level of customer experience.

At Xledger, we believe a CSM team is essential for ensuring our customers are receiving the tools and support needed to achieve their ambitions. Our Customer Success Manager, Russ Emmerson, is one of the key people responsible for making this happen. We asked Russ a few questions about his role to provide you with an understanding of what you can expect as an Xledger customer.


How did you get into Customer Success Management?

Throughout my career in various roles, including as a Sales Consultant, I have been passionate about bringing value and benefit to my customers. This has been important for growing the business and laying the foundation for strong, long-term relationships. As we continued to grow and expand our customer base at Xledger, it was always in our plan to introduce Customer Success Management. With the knowledge and experience of ensuring customers have a great experience with us, it was a natural progression for me to move into the role of Customer Success Manager. Specifically, using our company core values to build the processes and the team, in order to deliver to our ever-growing customer base.

Describe your job in one sentence.

My team is responsible for every Xledger UK customer, maintaining contact with them from phone calls to review meetings, ensuring they are able to use the system as best as they can, for their best benefit. I want to make sure that they are happy, they want to stay with us and want to recommend us too.

What is the most important thing you have learned from working with customers at Xledger?

Being consultative works! I love seeing how transformative our software has been for our customers, whether it be going paperless or refining complex consolidations: they chose Xledger to solve problems. Seeing the solutions in action makes my day. Also, the power of having qualified teams who can listen to customers’ ambitions, design solutions for their needs, and deliver them.

What positive outcomes have you seen as a result of having a dedicated CSM Team?

I have enjoyed seeing customer engagement increase; we launched a newsletter and stabilised the occurrence of our knowledge webinars. These share news about us, our product or new features. As a result, we have seen an increase in our providing of Professional Services, providing Consultancy Support or Training, helping customers to use more of the system in better ways.


Meet the new member of CSM team


With the success of Russ’ role, we expanded our team in January 2022 and welcomed Lucy Standish, as Customer Success Executive. Lucy’s background is in recruitment, where she enjoyed building authentic relationships that brought value to her clients and candidates. She is equally passionate about supporting the customer community and helping each achieve their goals.

Lucy comments, “I’m delighted to be the newest member of the expanding Customer Success Team here at Xledger. I find real enjoyment and satisfaction from building relationships and supporting clients. Our core principle here in the Customer Success Team is to nurture long-term, successful partnerships with our customers by providing ongoing support across their continuing journey with Xledger. I’m extremely excited to be a part of that journey and look forward to getting to know our customers in 2022!”

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