Venues and Hospitality organisations share the common challenge of consolidating across complex revenue streams and disparate systems. A flexible finance software that supports custom integrations is crucial to gain insight into the live financial health of a company.

As technology drives forward quicker than ever, venues often find themselves needing to update their POS, ticketing and booking systems to keep up with what customers want. Xledger is an advanced, cloud-based finance software that allows for effortless custom integrations with external systems, so you never need to worry about your finance software holding you back.

Our powerful automation and real-time reporting tools support a live consolidation across the group, enabling venues to compare actuals against budget, forecast to year-end and drill-down to source transactions for a 360° overview at the press of a button. With Xledger, you’re always in control.


Is your organisation facing these challenges?

  • Consolidation across multiple business functions?
  • In-efficient processes and lack of value adding activities?
  • Inability to integrate new technologies with your finance software?

If so, we can help! Get in touch and our team of qualified accountants can advise the right solution for your venue. Click here to send your enquiry.


With multiple ways of making money within venues and hospitality, getting revenue in, and reconciled off is often difficult. As a cloud software with an open API, Xledger can integrate with any other system to empower your organisation with one version of the truth.


Xledger automates financial tasks by up to 75% allowing you to spend less time processing transactions and more time analysing the result of them. From automated workflows to recurring billing, Xledger allows you to improve efficiency and streamline operations.

Real-time insight

Our unique hierarchy structure facilitates consolidation and multidimensional reporting across the group. Xledger’s advanced technology offers automated configurable reports and real-time dashboards where you can slice and dice data from every angle.


We provide venues & hospitality with:

  • One, live version of the truth
  • In-system, real-time reporting with role-based dashboards
  • Flexible and bespoke integrations
  • OCR to eliminate costly data entry errors
  • A paperless workforce with automated digital workflows
  • Consolidated reports in seconds rather than weeks.


Xledger’s advanced multi-tenanted, true cloud software empowers your venue through automationinsight, and scalability. With no requirement for new IT infrastructure, grow your business without interruption.

Empower both your finance team and wider organisation with powerful analytics to truly understand the numbers.