At Xledger, we understand the unique accounting challenges faced by charities and not for profit organisations. Our ERP’s powerful reporting tools allow users to slice and dice data in the multitude of ways that are required for fund accounting. Keep track of funding sources, account for donated services and ensure the efficient allocation of support costs across charitable activities. All this at the click of a button, directly from your finance system.

With Xledger’s fund accounting capabilities, the benefits include:

  • Self-Service Reporting

Get your performance data out of the back office and into the hands of managers and other authorised users.

  • Increase control

Increase organisation control through robust, in system reporting

  • Improve Efficiently

Refocus the finance team from report generation to business partnering.

We deliver these advanced capabilities through our true, multi-tenant cloud. With Xledger, you can expand service without increasing overhead. Access Xledger anywhere, anytime, from any device for one pay-as-you-go subscription fee.

Xledger empowers 10,000+ organizations in 50+ countries with best-in-market automationinsight, and scalability. We serve tax-exempt organisations of all sizes and levels of complexity—from regional hospitals to global aid networks.


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