The Customer

Arise AB builds and operates wind farms across northern Europe. Arise manages the entire wind farm lifecycle, from exploration to long-term management. The Arise Group includes about 30 companies, with plans for continued international expansion. We sat down with Controller Sofie Karlsson to discuss how Xledger transformed Arise.

The Challenges

Xledger: What challenges led Arise to look for a new ERP solution?

Sofie Karlsson: Since Arise works with the entire value chain from exploration and permit management to financing, construction and operation of wind turbines, it is of great importance that the ERP system is accessible and flexible to meet the requirements for effective performance monitoring. Many parallel projects are running at the same time, which is why advanced support for project reporting is a requirement.

The Solution

X: How did Xledger solve your challenges?

SK: The wind power projects are gathered in different legal entities, which means that the quick and efficient Group management in Xledger saves us a lot of time. One example is that the CEO can log on to the group level and where all the certificates are collected in a list, regardless of the company.

All financial information is gathered at group level with the possibility of drilling into individual companies. Other added value with Xledger is the system’s handling of exchange rates and complex fixed assets.

X: Thanks for taking the time, Sofie.

SK: Of course.