There’s no doubt that Xero is a good finance software for small businesses and start-ups. However, as your business grows, you will have more complex needs such as managing high transactional volumes and consolidating across entities.

Software such as Xero is designed for the needs of small business and so fulfills basic accounting needs. You may already be feeling the pain points of outgrowing Xero as it no longer provides your company with the level of visibility, insight, and control you require, or you may be wanting to future proof your business as you approach the mid-market business space, either way you have come to the right place and we are here to help you.

“Xledger’s consultants are also accountants, so it’s great to have someone talking to you about the finance software that actually understands the debits and credits.” Philip Farrell, Finance Controller of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Like Xero, Xledger is a cloud-based finance software. This means, you will always be on the latest version of the software, with no need for pricey or time-consuming updates. Where we differ is Xledger is designed specifically to service mid-market organisations as it has an unlimited number of transaction volumes, superior insight technology, integrated functions, and simple consolidation processes. Here are the top 3 reasons why our customers migrated to Xledger:

Unlimited transaction volumes

Do you generate over 2000 invoices per month? Xero has a ‘soft’ monthly transaction limit of 1000, and having large transaction volume, can affect the performance of the system. Xledger, on the other hand, handles unlimited transaction volumes, which means your business can scale as your customer base increases – a key differentiator from the competition.

Multi Entity and live consolidation

For many companies, generating timely and accurate financial statements is a challenge. This can be exponentially more difficult if you are running a multi-entity organisation that must be consolidated. Therefore, managing multiple companies in a software designed for single entity use can lead to multiple versions of the truth, causing a breakdown in the delivery of real-time information.

Xledger’s unique, hierarchical entity structure removes the requirement for an Excel-based consolidation, producing a real time, in-system consolidation that can be analysed and interrogated at will. We support over 22 languages and all international currencies, providing flexible currency management at both entity and consolidated levels.

A lot of in-built functionality

If you look at the Xledger wheel, at the top, you will see Core Accounting. That’s what Xero does. For anything else, you will need to add a 3rd party apps, including a simple function such as OCR. If you require more than 5-6 apps, then this may not be the best way for your finance team. Why? Simply, because having all these systems talking to Xero can lead to significant slowdown in the system.

From core accounting to donor management, Xledger equips your organisation with a comprehensive and unified cloud-based finance software, that is easy to implement, configure and update. With Xledger, mid-market organisations can wield industrial-strength functionality once restricted to large enterprises.