Xledger enables you to manage and view your entire company’s finances through our multi-entity consolidation solution.

One accounting system for all your entities

Combine financial statements to create a single set for your entire organization. Through a single login for all your entities and levels of your enterprise, you can easily navigate between your individual entities and your consolidated company. You can create and manage separate financials while maintaining your ability to view and analyze data across all your entities.

Our inheritance feature makes setting up the finances for a new entity is simple and straightforward, requiring little to no additional effort.

Get a clear view of your multi-entity organization

With our solution, you can consolidate the financial data for your subsidiaries or multiple business units in a single accounting system.

Overall, Xledger’s multi-entity and consolidation capabilities provide businesses with powerful tools to manage complex financial structures and gain a comprehensive view of their organization’s financial health.

Features of Xledger’s Cloud Multi-Entity Consolidation

  • Run consolidated financials
  • Configure your consolidated dashboards
  • Execute workflows from the consolidated level
  • Set up once at the enterprise level and your settings will automatically inherit downward
  • One login for all your entities and levels of your enterprise