Asset Management

Dramatically reduce the effort required to effectively and accurately manage, depreciate, and track fixed assets. Xledger enables tax and accounting professionals in companies of any size to automate and manage the complete fixed assets lifecycle – from construction and acquisition through disposal. Eliminate the errors, manual intervention and lack of control that plague users of Excel or asset management systems not unified with accounting. With standardized accounts and 28 pre-defined asset categories (more can be added), we have exactly what you are looking for in a fixed asset system: a powerful, compliant, flexible, and simple way to manage your assets.

Depreciation expense can be calculated using standard methods with separate visibility into accounting and tax depreciation. Repairs and maintenance expenses can be tracked for each asset by adding the asset code to journal entries containing repairs and maintenance expense accounts. Features:

  • Automated depreciation
  • Simple data entry of new assets and disposal for retiring assets
  • Asset linking for PO and GL activity
  • Numerous (posting and non-posting) depreciation setup rules and classifications
  • Compliance with tax code
  • Reduced data entry errors through standardized depreciation policies and templates
  • Reporting is available by asset category or individual asset
  • Multi-currency support
  • Audit trail for full visibility and control
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