It’s time to go beyond security. How can you make your business trips more efficient? More productive?

Think of the last time you traveled for business—what were the points of friction? Where did you wish you could do things differently?

I’d venture that if a hundred business travelers did the same exercise, similar themes would begin to emerge. In fact, I’ll do one better and guess one of those themes: Expenses.

The Universal Story

See if this sounds familiar: you’ve just come back from a company trip. You kept track of your expenses—every morning bagel, every visit to the dry cleaners. You hoarded the receipts and submitted them when you get back. Now you wait for eventual reimbursement.

Until recently, every business traveler could relate to this experience. A growing number of companies have found a better way. With the right finance software, employees can submit receipts in transit. The traveler simply photographs, uploads, and discards each receipt.

Ideally, a finance solution would go even farther. Once travelers enter a receipt, the application would automatically scan the receipt, extract its key details, and populate those details into a mobile expense report. Such a system would enable managers both to track their own expenses and to approve their employees’ submissions. And since this wished-for software would need to streamline financial insight, its mobile version would seamlessly transfer data even in areas with low or unreliable broadband.


If you expect me to say that such a solution does in fact exist, you’re right. It does. Xledger equips business travelers with smooth, automated functionality for expense submission and approval. Employees can submit, and managers can view and approve, on any mobile device from anywhere with broadband access. Xledger’s unified financial software design ensures cost efficiency, time savings, and uninterrupted data flow across your entire financial world.

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