Here are some of R3’s highlights.

1. Security

For R3, Xledger obtained a database of leaked passwords from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. These 21 million passwords are drawn from 2,000 smaller databases of verifiably leaked data. If a user tries to set anything from the list as their password, Xledger will prevent them from doing so.

This measure targets one of the most difficult tasks of cybersecurity: preventing users from compromising their organization’s defenses.

2. Data Entry

R3 unveils enhanced OCR processing in Xledger. For those who don’t know, OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. In essence, Xledger OCR can automatically read, capture, and file a document. R3 takes this farther. Now the user can set it so Xledger automatically runs OCR twice: once to capture data, and again to validate the results. If necessary, OCR will even run a third time to fix data points erroneously omitted or included.

Xledger OCR already has an accuracy rate well above 95%, with results submitted for accountant review. Enhanced OCR makes an already accurate process even more reliable.

3. Addresses

In R3, Xledger has drastically expanded its record of pre-loaded addresses. All told, R3 will have added over 100 million global addresses—a storehouse users can access from the address search field in any screen, anywhere in the solution.

4. Fine-tuning Flex

Xledger development team has also been fine-tuning our trademark flex screens. Unveiled last year, flex screens are standardized, quickly-configurable screens that serve all stages of the inquiry process—from retrieval to export. R3 enhances such screens in a variety of ways. Flex users will now have: the transpose feature beloved of Excel users; the ability to automatically hide unnecessary columns; the freedom to tailor the view and color of flex screens using alternative styles; greater liberty to remove or show different elements of a screen; and much more.

The BI tools available in Xledger have long outperformed anything else on the finance software market. R3’s changes merely lengthen the lead.

5. Mobile, invoicing, and more

Among other innovations in R3 are improvements to Xledger’s mobile app, expanded automation in invoicing, new user-defined security levels on attached documents, and much more.


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