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Powerful, yet simple

Running a growing business is difficult enough. You needn’t settle any longer for piece meal systems or loosely integrated suites of tools. There is a better way: gain control and overview within one unified solution. From accounting to inventory management, from payroll to billing, Xledger offers advanced functionality across a wide range of modules. Plus, you get these core features you expect without the integration headaches that usually go with it. Designed for distributed organizations or those with complex requirements, Xledger offers enterprise-grade capabilities needed to effectively manage organizations of any size, regardless of location, while being accessible at anytime and from anywhere.

As a cloud-based solution, Xledger frees your business from the hassle and cost of traditional on-premise applications. Avoid the investment in expensive IT infrastructure and the pain associated with disruptive system upgrades.

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We are listening and have heard you loud and clear. Delighted and loyal customers prove our promise, achieving significant benefits such as efficiency, understanding, and freedom, plus huge savings in both cost and time!

Core accounting >

As the core of any competent ERP, the General Ledger (GL) links the critical functions required to maintain one or more sets of books, generate financial reports, manage cash and fixed assets, and execute payment and deposit transactions. Add multi-entity, multi-dimension, multi-currency and multi-language support, wrap it in an intuitive web-based user interface and you get Xledger, a leader in cloud ERP.

Reporting & analytics >

Xledger’s business intelligence capabilities are essential to delivering our promised value of Instant Business Insight®. After all, a system is only as good as the data, so we believe you should have immediate access to yours. Spot trends, uncover hidden insights, and glean actionable intelligence, empowering you to be proactive in addressing the needs of your business by making better decisions, faster.

Asset management >

Whether responsible for hundreds or thousands of assets, they can be a challenge to juggle. However, with little to no manual effort, we make it simple for you to properly steward them. Automate the inventory process, collection of data, and periodic depreciation, while ensuring records are accurate, up-to-date and audit ready.

Budgeting & forecasting >

The speed and unpredictability of today’s business climate makes the budgeting and forecasting processes not nice-to-haves, but vital ingredients to any successful finance function. Unlimited budget types and versions – with full multi-dimensional support – available for measurement, comparison and building what-if scenarios yield immediate insight into the drivers affecting your cash flow, profitability and more.

Project & cost accounting >

Challenges such as service line management, excess of revenue recognition models, emerging payment methods, mergers and acquisitions, etc. demand more immediate information, more complete analysis and more effective tools for monitoring financial outcomes. Setup new jobs quickly, gain control over revenue and expenses, automate your billing, and allocate costs across numerous dimensions and rates.

Payroll, time & expense mgmt >

Time and attendance tracking is essential not only for payroll, but for understanding billables, profitability, productivity and cost. And it should be done easily, at the touch of a button. Payroll should also be simple to operate but include advanced features. Make your expense reports nearly effortless while enhancing visibility and control, with simple and even automated expense entry, streamlined approvals, and faster payments.

Procurement & inventory >

Keys to smooth procurement and inventory processes are accuracy, timing, communication and control. With Xledger, you can streamline processes, reduce spending, standardize supplier networks, automate receiving and receipting, and pay in a timely manner. All of this increases visibility into the complete logistics lifecycle to eliminate guesswork and manage more effectively.

Customer & supplier mgmt

Managing thousands of relationships is hard enough, doing so across many applications is truly daunting. With Xledger’s unified approach you get a 360-degree view of both customers and suppliers. Among other things, gain insight into profiles, performance, certifications, order, delivery, and pay cycles, documentation, compliance, and relationships. Plus, save time with rapid on-boarding and standardization.

Payments & cash management >

As the saying goes, cash is king. Cash flow and liquidity are vitally important to the overall fiscal health of any organization. Inaccessibility or delays to insight around your cash position are unnecessary and inexcusable. Xledger empowers corporations and non-profits to effectively monitor their cash position, distribute payments efficiently and securely, and automate tasks such as bank reconciliation and offsetting accounting entries.


Traditionally known as CRM, Xledger takes this concept one step further, introducing eXperience Relationship Management, in belief that you should be actively engaged in managing the experiences which all your constituents have with your organization. Whether customer, supplier, employee, donor, volunteer, attendee, board member, or investor, across discrete or overlapping groups, we make it easier for you to manage the relationships so critical to your success.

Donor management >

Offering functionality encompassing donor profiles, fundraising, pledges and commitment, sponsorships and memberships, donation processing, campaign management, and reporting, Xledger empowers non-profits to maximize their inbound pipeline while being the best stewards of their resources as possible. Essentially, we help you do more with fewer resources.

Orders & billing >

Improve customer service and increase revenue at the same time with a solution capable of supporting your next generation quote to cash process. Enter orders quickly and accurately. Automate the billing process for time and materials. Access real-time, company-wide inventory. Upsell using flexible pricing matrices and order types. Quotes, orders, invoices, subscription billing, deferred revenue recognition, drop-ship, credit memos, even collections, can be automated or improved to enhance productivity and profitability.

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