Xledger releases largest-ever system update

Xledger releases largest-ever system update

MAY 22, 2018

On May 19, Xledger released the most comprehensive overhaul to date of its cloud ERP system. 2018-R1 includes both accumulations of smaller changes and the system-wide unveiling of new technologies.  

Although R1’s changes extend across the system, three demand particular notice. 

First, R1 reduces Xledger’s database size by 35%, resulting in faster and more reliable performance for users. According to product director Jarle Sky, this required nothing less than a complete restructuring of Xledger’s database, which already outstrips competitors in energy and data efficiency. 

General ledger screen in Xledger

Second, R1 transforms the Xledger interface on two levels: it (a) redesigns color and layout across the system and (b) introduces numerous flex screens. More standardized and logical than hard-coded screens, flex screens simplify the system for both developers and users, drastically shortening the time required to build a screen while heightening the efficiency and precision of user queries. 

An example of one of Xledger's flex screens

Third, R1 completes Xledger’s rollout of GraphQL, an advanced open-source query language developed by Facebook. GraphQL lets users fetch multiple resources with a single query and allows them to define the precise data structures they need. Xledger joins the growing number of influential brands leveraging GraphQL for its superior performance and reliability. 

Another view of Xledger's General Ledger screen

Other features expanded and streamlined in R1 include:

Login security

Account and user tracking


Bank integration 



Customer and contact management

Project management

GDPR compliance

Xledger provides the world’s most automated ERP system to 10,000+ clients in 60+ countries. For more information about R1, or about the Xledger system, please contact us. 

To learn more about Xledger, the most automated ERP solution on the market, contact us for a product demonstration tailored to your needs.

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