Xledger revolutionizes your organization’s accounts with cloud accounts receivable and accounts payable software with a single cloud ERP solution.

We furnish customers with advanced payment and vendor management functionalities. Save time and money with automated payment processing and tracking. Schedule billing, defer revenue and validate transactions with SafePay. Scan invoices into the system: Xledger’s SmartHelps feature extracts key information and suggests how to post it based on your previous experience with the vendor.

Xledger transforms your AR/AP processes with:

  • Automation of data entry through OCR bill recognition and pre-registration
  • Multi-rule, multi-person and multi-level posting, and payment approval workflow
  • Intuitive Smart Helps offers automated posting suggestions for each item
  • Flexible disbursement options include checks, wire transfers, and electronic ACH payments
  • Allocation rules for use at the period end or at the time of transaction entry
  • Automated accruals/deferrals across periods and fiscal years
  • Automated payment scheduling and matching
  • Automated reconciliation and SafePay validation of transactions
  • Recurring billing
  • Invoice templates, rules, and delivery options
  • Inclusion of supporting documentation with invoices
  • Automated calculation of commissions, royalties, discounts, and interest charges

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