Xledger delivers powerful time and management functionalities for both employees and managers.

We equip employees with widespread streamlining and ease of use, while we empower managers with granular analytics and paperless approvals.


Xledger has retained and improved the classic core of the timesheet. Employees can input time by a range of variables, from time type and assignments to projects. Meanwhile, managers can run reports and analysis from multiple angles with Xledger’s 10 unique time reports.


  • Import or directly input time into the system via Xledger’s smartphone interface, calendar-based input, or browser application
  • Book time by selecting from pre-defined values such as projects, assignments, and time codes
  • Time type options include regular time, overtime, and billable time


  • View full timesheet reports from different angles, each supported with various graphs and dashboards
  • Route the timesheet approvals throughout the workflow as needed
  • Access a complete electronic document archive

Access full reports, configurable workflow, and approval functionality via the Xledger App.

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