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August 7, 2019

Charities: Fund Reporting from your Finance System

Many charity finance professionals share a common problem. The ability to complete their annual accounts without resorting to the cumbersome task of manually analysing transactions offline in a spreadsheet.

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July 2, 2019

Why the accuracy of your data matters as a non-profit

As a non-profit, return on investment (ROI) and budgets are often watched closely. Because of this, investment in new technology like data analysis may not always be top priority. However, using data is critical for non-profits. Its use can have a huge impact on ROI, operational efficiency and marketing effectiveness – with significant knock-on effects on your bottom-line.

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July 1, 2019

Is your charity as digital as you think?

According to the latest Charity Digital Skills Report, 45 per cent of charities don’t have a strategy to embed technology across all sectors of their organisation. Although many not-for-profits are keen to engage, it seems that they are taking baby steps and have a way to go before they reach maturity. Digital transformation is an on-going process, so if you think you’ve achieved this, the chances are that there’s further work to be done. Read on to find out how your charity measures up.

Education Tech
June 14, 2019

How you can transform education by integrating digital into the back office, as well as in the classroom.

Why stop at EdTech? When it comes to talking about how we can digitally transform schools, colleges and universities, for many people, the natural tendency is to think about new innovation within the classroom.

ERP Success
April 12, 2019

Six things you need to consider when choosing an ERP system

Deploying an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system cannot be underestimated. To start with, you’ll need to assign time and resources to implement the technology, for training and to integrate your new purchase with existing tools. Picking an unsuitable option will only drag you back to square one.