In the beginning, DOS was the dominant platform, then came the Windows era. Today the most advanced business management system was created and lives entirely on a Cloud platform.

Programmers and software engineers have been traditionally viewed as highly scientific, with strong mathematical backgrounds. Holding to strict specifications, we viewed their jobs as being primary to design and code complex algorithms to achieve a specific objective. It was undoubtedly, a function-oriented role. We even title the education of this skill computer science.

Today the modern programmer, developer, coder and engineer can also be considered an artist. Artistry not only delivered through the interface, but within the nuances, elegance, and beauty of underlying code, which yields value in performance, availability, capability and accessibility. They are getting more creative and their minds are open to new forward-thinking techniques. They are doing more with less.

Xledger developers Isak, Chris, and Maria work behind the scenes of the most comprehensive and automated ERP (enterprise resource planning) system on the market today. They describe their tools and what it is like working with a forward-thinking company.

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