Whether your company deals with two or twenty currencies, managing them can be complicated. Xledger makes it easy for global businesses to manage their multi-currency financials with a single ledger.

Xledger provides a cloud-based solution for your currency needs. With our multi-currency capabilities, you can handle financial transactions across countries with ease.

Tracking and reporting on multiple currencies

With Xledger, you can maintain a single ledger for all your currencies, which eliminates the need to bounce between accounts and ledgers to see and analyze your various currencies. You can also handle transactions, such as purchases, sales, and payments, in one place.

Say goodbye to manual inputs and calculations for your multi-currency transactions. Xledger automatically tracks exchange rates and updates them in real-time. You can always know what the most up-to-date exchange rate is with our multi-currency software. We also make it easy to generate reports that you can trust, keeping them up to date and comprehensive so you can view your business’ financial data in one place and be confident that you are seeing the full financial scope of your company.

Our multi-currency support makes Xledger an excellent choice for businesses that need to manage financial transactions in multiple currencies. With our advanced features, you can streamline your operations and stay on top of your finances no matter where you operate in the world.

Features of Xledger’s multi-currency capabilities

  • Manage multiple currencies on one ledger
  • Automatically track and apply daily exchange rates
  • Generate multi-currency reports
  • Select multiple defined currencies in individual entities and at the consolidated level
  • Currency revaluation