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Donor management

As a non-profit, you want to know everything about your donors. This information should be in one place and easily accessible. With Xledger, you can manage just about any kind of information about your donors. For example, track contact information, demographics, gifts (monetary and gifts in kind), donations, pledges, commitments, schedules, sponsorships, contact points (e.g. letters, emails, phone calls, visits), subscriptions, memberships, acknowledgements, interests, connections/relationships, giving history, giving levels, tasks, status, activities, attendance/participation levels, donation designations and restrictions, pay methods, donor groups, etc. And, track information for other constituents as well, including, but not limited to prospects, volunteers, employees, and board members.

Perform campaigns for fundraising, advocacy, news sharing or simply for information gathering. Automate the management of donation processing. If via check, scan them directly into the system and we will extract the relevant data to support the accounting entry – including allocation to donor and corresponding funds – as well as generate and send the properly formatted file to your bank for remote deposit. If via ACH/EFT, with proper bank integration, Xledger can process those ACH pulls on a scheduled, recurring basis. And, if via credit card, Xledger can work with merchant services partners to process credit card transactions via tokenization.

Because the donor management capabilities are unified with the core accounting, no extra legwork or data entry is required to manage both the accounting and donor management elements. Enter it once and then analyze and learn from the data to your heart’s content, which you can also do from within Xledger. Using inquiries, PDF reports, or dashboards, gain insight into your donor pipeline and develop strategies to improve engagement. Filter, sort and report by fund, source, donation type, amount, cause/project/program, dates/periods, campaigns, events, budget, plus many more.

We consider it a privilege to empower non-profits to maximize their inbound pipeline while being the best stewards of their resources!

We value your questions and comments! Reach out to us and we will get back to you shortly.

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