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Budgeting and forecasting

Gain a more accurate view of your business performance in less time. Whether a high-level forecast or detailed multi-dimensional operating budget, Xledger is here for you. Budget by project, department, type (e.g. forecast, liquidity, etc.), and across dimensions with support for import of pre-defined data file formats, as well as unlimited budget revisions. Users can easily compare budget to actual, and create or revise as needed. Budget company-wide and/or across specific accounts or dimensions at any level of detail. Build budgets directly within the application, or upload from external sources with drag-and-drop ease.

As part of a unified solution, your planning process is enriched with dynamic, interactive reports, data visualizations, and graphical dashboards. Get a view of the entire enterprise — corporate metrics, operational performance, functional KPIs — and immediately adjust plans and forecasts based on exceptions and trends. From rigorous, regulatory budget processes to simple departmental budgets, Xledger gives you the tools to analyze your performance in real-time, which means you can plan better and adjust faster to compete in today’s economy. In short, the user can:

  • Easily have visibility, simplicity and accuracy in financial planning and forecasting activities without the need for add-on modules
  • Compare actual to budget(s)
  • Create and revise unlimited number of budgets
  • Shorten budgeting planning cycles
  • Import from external sources

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