Global shipbroker solves insight challenges with Xledger

Global shipbroker solves insight challenges with Xledger

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Promoted By Nathan McCann  |   August 7, 2018

Promoted By Nathan McCann  |   August 7, 2018

The Client

Founded in 1847, Galbraith’s provides shipbroking services to customers around the world. Clients can charter existing tankers or dry cargo ships, purchase used ships, or request new constructions.

Galbraith’s also delivers expert and operational support for the entire duration of client contracts. Its global offices include New Delhi, Seoul, Oslo, Shanghai, and London’s storied Borough Market (home of the Shard).

Other Galbraith’s services include the responsible demolition of retired vessels and advanced training courses on international shipping.

Frustrated business people looking over reports

The Challenges

Before Xledger, Galbraith’s struggled under an aging on-premises ERP system. Reliant on manual data entry, the 10-year-old installation contributed to a rising number of challenges.

For instance, Galbraith’s found it profoundly difficult to gain basic insight. The on-premises system hindered data capture and entry, resulting in a data shortage that plagued accountants, managers, and executives alike. Leaders like Louis Gonzalez, Galbraith’s Head of Finance, could get only limited visibility into key financial indicators, making decision-making a slow and risk-prone process.

Frustrated business people looking over reports

The Solution

Galbraith’s chose Xledger from among three competing systems. The market’s most automated ERP solution, Xledger also offers robust insight and scalability on a true cloud platform.

Xledger equipped Galbraith’s with a range of functionalities, including:

  • Agile forecasting system
  • Automated banking and accounting functions
  • Additional functionality for planning
  • Dashboard management and easy reporting
  • Support and development with the Xledger team
  • Project accounting functionality
  • Reporting and analytics in real-time
Frustrated business people looking over reports

The Result

“There were so many fits with Xledger and so few entry costs,” recounts Head of Finance Gonzalez. “Xledger has freed up a huge amount of my time and I can now give a heads up on what’s coming to fruition in 3 months’ time where I couldn’t before.”

Gonzalez also praises Xledger’s smooth implementation and high quality of support. He reports that Xledger did more than make Galbraith’s existing processes more efficient; it transformed the way Galbraith’s worked.

Asked about the future, Gonzalez says that Galbraith’s will “further integrate with [Xledger’s] processes.”

Written in collaboration with Xledger UK

To learn more about Xledger, the most automated ERP solution on the market, contact us for a product demonstration tailored to your needs.

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