Anneli Johansson, Finance manager at Innovatum

Innovatum is a regional development center whose purpose is to broaden and strengthen the economy in Western Sweden, as well as to arouse children’s curiosity for technology and creative industries. The center is set up as a group of 4 different companies.

One of the biggest benefits of Xledger is that processing of supplier invoices has been made much more efficient. Innovatum handles approximately 4,000 supplier invoices on an annual basis. Automation and bank integration help eliminate a lot of manual processes related to handling such a large amount of invoices. The time reporting process in Xledger helps save a lot of time. We have a great need for accurate project accounting and reports and it’s essential that all time is reported. We previously had a lot of double, and even triple entries of the same information, such as the absences and project reporting both internally and externally. Now, we handle everything directly in Xledger.

We were looking for a new system for years and after having reviewed many systems we finally chose Xledger. By that time, we had long since outgrown our old system and had more than our share of trying to cope with the daily requirements of our business processes.

It was helpful that we could start with a couple of companies, and we deployed the last company, Innovatum Science Center AB, just six months after the first company went live with Xledger. Innovatum Science Center was a bit more complex because it included a cash register system that had to be integrated with Xledger.

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