Customization or Configuration:
Alternative Approaches to ERP Implementation



In recent years, a fundamental shift has occurred in how we think about ERP software implementation. Due in part to the numerous businesses bankrupted by customization, the longstanding tension between customization and configuration has begun to tip towards configuration. In this article we will (a) illustrate why customization is a universally inferior strategy for ERP implementation and (b) explain why configuration has emerged as both a superior alternative and a best practice.

Customization refers to any software alteration that requires custom coding. It involves making changes to the core of the system. Customization increases the cost, complexity, and risk of an implementation. It increases both the cost and the difficulty of future best practices, pricing software upgrades out of most companies’ reach.

Configuration refers to the use of native, or built-in, tools to change a system’s features or behavior. Unlike customized ERP, vendors of configurable solutions empower users with built-in workflow tools, templates, and best practices. These long-lived solutions usually prove compatible with future releases.

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