Biometric security company thrives on Xledger

Biometric security company thrives on Xledger

MAY 1, 2018

Note: This is the first in a monthly series exploring how Xledger empowers its customers.

Speed Identity

Speed Identity delivers advanced biometric security solutions to 120+ countries. Based in Stockholm, its clients include governments and global enterprises.

Xledger spoke with CFO Annika Grönbek about the challenges Speed Identity faced and the way Xledger helped solve them.

Businessman viewing reports on a tablet

Xledger: Thanks for sitting down with us. We’d like to start with the challenges. What was Speed Identity looking for or trying to solve?

Grönbek: When we wanted to replace our previous system, we did a thorough investigation and found that no web-based system besides Xledger could manage our requirements regarding inventory management and projects. Our integrated supply process is relatively complex, which adds to the difficulty of finding a system.

X: What tipped the scales in Xledger’s favor?

G: Besides Xledger’s functionality, the system’s most attractive feature was its user homepage, which provides an incredible amount of information. For someone like me, who wants to have an overview and quickly analyze the situation, it’s excellent. The built-in electronic invoice processing was also crucial. In addition to the functionality around storage, projects, and finances, Speed Identity will also begin to use the system functions for Group management.

Businesswoman viewing dashboard within Xledger

X: How was your experience with Xledger?

G: We were initially a bit skeptical when Xledger argued that the introduction was so simple, but were pleasantly surprised at how smooth it actually went. Not only did the implementation go faster than anticipated, but Xledger also felt user-friendly, with no artificial commands.

X: And has Xledger addressed your organization’s pain points?

G: Yes. Xledger is used by all department heads to approve their supplier invoices and monitor their budgets and results. The employees that certify travel a lot, and thanks to Xledger, the certification process is now much faster, because they can access the system even while mobile. We save a lot of time with applicable reconciliations and matches that used to be done manually.

X: Thank you again, Ms. Grönbek. We really appreciate your time.

To learn more about Xledger, the most automated ERP solution on the market, contact us for a product demonstration tailored to your needs.

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