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Unified solution

There are two different approaches to ERP: a unified solution or so-called best-of-breed.

A best-of-breed approach is where a system tries to do one thing very well,  but the customer needs to integrate with other systems for other functionalities. While this approach in theory allows the customer to shop for the “best” solution in each category, it creates multiple problems in practice. Firstly, it requires extensive and often expensive integration efforts to get the various system to interact. Secondly, using multiple system would normally significantly increase the TCO of the solution(s).

Xledger is a unified solution, where you gain the benefit of a fully unified enterprise class business management solution. Xledger focuses on doing financial management extremely well, because we believe that almost every aspect of an organization’s activities has a financial aspect.

Xledger enables mid-market organizations access to industrial strength functionality only previously available to large enterprises via ERP. It achieves this in pure cloud format for the more complex multi-company, multi-currency mid-market.

While Xledger users have access to all modules of the system at no extra charge (and we encourage our customers to leverage those capabilities in order to achieve maximum value), we can also integrate with third party solutions for customers that prefer to use multiple systems for their business needs.

With Xledger you get the benefit of totally unified solution, with seamless upgrades and without many of the integration challenges often associated with best-of-breed solutions.

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